Submitted by matty on Fri, 03/30/2018 - 02:30

AutoHotKey ( Is a windows scripting language for remapping keys to invoke macro actions and being a full scripting language, you can do quite a bit with it.  I usually remap some of the F-Keys to do things like click, double click, copy/paste, to help avoid carpel tunnel pains from repetitive mouse clicking.  I also like to setup keyboard shortcuts for window task switching to easily pull up various programs with a keyboard shortcut.  The possibilities are endless.  Here are some ideas:

SetTitleMatchMode 2

$-::send _
$_::send -
F3::Click 2

F8::WinActive, [No Name] + - GVIM
^q::WinActivate, - Outlook
^w::WinActivate, C/C++
!r::WinGet Subwin, List, ahk_class CabinetClass
 WinGet SubWinOld, List, ahk_class CabinetClass
if (SubWin < 1 or SubWin > 20 or SubWinOld <> SubWin)
    WinGet SubWin, List, ahk_class CabinetClass
if (winflip < 1 or winflip > SubWin)
    winflip := 1
ThisWin := SubWin%winflip%
WinActivate ahk_id %ThisWin%