• Security considerations when safeguarding data

    A new article is available regarding encryption methods and system security considerations.  It is intended to better help educate people who are new to the topic of data security.  Covered areas include encryption: what it is, methods for use, and also topics on malware protection.  Click this link to view the article: Encryption Security Methods.

  • Spring has sprung

    As spring of 2017 is upon us here in Tallahassee, I wish all those poor souls with allergies including me solace from the oak pollen that has covered all our sidewalks and cars already.  It can be a challenge for some of us, as walking outside causes an immediate recoiling of the sinuses from the outside environment.  I hope to one day get used to our pollen season here, but for now I just have to grin and bear it.  Happy spring everyone!  I am doing my spring cleaning both online and home, and I hope everyone getting a positive start to this new year.

  • PC Rats is now using Drupal 8

    I'm keeping up with technology, are you?  I would like to see more discussions of where we want technology to go in the next 5 years.  We are still in a digital age of our phones, our computers, our smart devices.  And they are becoming more interconnected and plyable.  We select what we find interesting or useful, and discard the rest.  I still try to grow and expand my knowledge of various embedded systems and modern computers.  They say a lot of new jobs are opening in IT.  It still seems like people still don't know what to do with all this new technology.  Let the ideas pave the way.